Program Educational Objectives



(1) To inculcate in-depth knowledge of Food Engineering and Technology with an ability to analyze, evaluate, design, discriminate, interpret, create and integrate existing and new knowledge.

(2) To analyze technological problems and judge independently to create information for conducting research and think to conceptualize and carry out the solutions of a potential problem and derive out optimal solutions in the area of Food Engineering and Technology.

(3) To equip the students with state of art knowledge in Food Engineering and Technology to prepare the students as leaders in industry, academia and research organizations and demonstrate a capacity for self-management, teamwork and decision-making with rational approach in order to achieve the targeted goals.

(4). To inculcate technical writing and communicating ability for effective documentation and presentations and develop strong research aptitude through research work to enable the students to opt for higher levels of learning in the field of Food Engineering and Technology.

(5) To acquaint and equip students with professional and intellectual integrity, ethics of research and scholarship, impact of research outcomes on professional practices and responsibilities to contribute positively in the sustainable development of society.

(6) To enable the students to get engaged in lifelong learning independently with the vigor and zeal and become capable to start-up their own businesses.



  1. To develop the ability to apply the knowledge of Science, Mathematics, Computing and basic engineering fundamentals to make students capable to analyze, interpret and design.
  2. To develop the capability to apply latest engineering tools and techniques in Food processing with respect to social and global framework.
  3. To create competent Professionals inculcated with leadership qualities and ethical responsibilities.
  4. To develop the ability to communicate proficiently and work in a multidisciplinary team and competitive environment.
  5.  To build up the knowledge of current issues and capability to engage in life-long learning process and enable the students in totality to start-up their own business organizations or work as leaders in food industries.