Books Authored/Edited by Faculty

Novel Food Processing Technologies (2017), Edited by Vikas Nanda and Savita Sharma, Published by New India Publishing Agency. (ISBN 9789385516047)
Meat, Egg and Poultry: Science and Technology(2014). Vikas Nanda, I.K. International Publishing House Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi.  ISBN 978-93-82332-70-1. (Single author). 
Biotechnology in Agriculture and Food Processing: Opportunities and Challenges, P.S. Panesar and S. S. Marwaha, Taylor and Francis Group (CRC Press), USA [2013] 
Cereal Grains:   Evaluation,Value Addition and Quality Management (2013) D.C.Saxena,   C.S.Riar, S.Singh and N.Jindal (ISBN: 9789381450857) Published by New India Publishing Agency, New Delhi
Bio-organic   Chemistry (2012) H.K. Chopra. A. Parmar and P.S. Panesar (ISBN:   978-81-8487-231-6) published by Narosa Publishing House Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi. 
Bio-   processing of foods (2011) Harrow, P.S. Panesar, H.K. Sharma, B.C. Sarkar, (ISBN: 81-87680-27-X) Published by   Asiatech Publishers Inc., New Delhi 
Objective   Questions and answers in Biochemical Engineering Biochemistry Biotechnology   & Microbiology (2010) H.K.Sharma, V.Kukreja, H.Pandey, B.C.Sarkar and   R.Bhattacharya  (ISBN: 9788123914152)   Published by CBS Publishers & Distributors Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi. 
Enzymes in   Food Processing: Fundamentals & Potential Applications (2010) P. S. Panesar, S. S. Marwaha, H.K. Chopra    (ISBN: 978-93-80026-33-6), Published by   IK International Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi.
Objective Questions in: Dairy Science   and Technology and Food and Dairy Engineering (2009) Harish Sharma, H. Pandey, C.Singh (ISBN: 9788123912561) Published by CBS Publishers & Distributors   Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi. 
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Food Grain   Product Technology and Quality Characteristics (2009) C. S. Riar (ISBN:   9788131306000) Published by APH Publishing Corporation New Delhi.
Food Chemistry   (2009) H.K. Chopra and P.S. Panesar, Published by   Narosa Publishing House Pvt. Ltd. (ISBN: 978-81-8487-039-8), New Delhi.   [International Edition has been published by Alpha Science International Ltd.   (ISBN 978-1-84265-599-3) 
Experiments in Food Process   Engineering (2006) B.C. Sarkar, H. Pandey, H.K. Sharma, M.B. Bera, R.C.   Chauhan (ISBN: 9788123910635) Published by CBS Publishers & Distributors   Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi.