List of Publications 2008-2013


Topics of on going  research

  1. Studies on the development of value added product from selected minor millet
  2. Study on development of Nutraceutical food using extrusion technology.
  3. Studies on the processing & Utilization of Buckwheat grains.
  4.  Isolation and chracterization of functional ingredients from minor millet and their utilization in development of weaning food.
  5. Studies on the chracterization, processing and utilization of horse chesnut.
  6. Studies on processing chracterization and utilization of chenopodium grains.
  7. Studies on utilization of deoiled ricebran and other food industry wastes in the development of viable biodegradable molded products.
  8. Chracterstic of uniflower honey from different botanical origins of kashmir valley
  9. Tamarind pulp powder: formulation. Procesing and storage.
  10. Processing & development of pasta from millet supplemented with vegetable pomace and hydrocolloid.
  11. Process technologyof extruded product with fenugreek and oat.
  12. Utilization of Peer Fruit for the development of value added ready to serve processed products.
  13. Studies on welen gum production, downstream processing and application in food preparation.
  14. Amaranth starch utilization for development of noodles.
  15. Process technology for shelf stable beetroot juice powder.
  16. Effect of Processing parameters on chracterstic of flaked and puffed rice based functional breakfast cereal snacks.
  17. Studies on the Development of rice based vegetable supplemented functional instant soup mix.
  18. Studies on Characterization processing & Utilization of Amaranth Grains.
  19. Osmo-connective dehydration kinetics and storage study of elephant foot yam.
  20. Development, Evaluation and in-vitro digestibility study of bakery products prepared from blend of germinated cereal grains and pulses.
  21. Comparative studies on physiological and molecular characterization of indigenous rice cultivar.
  22. Studies on the isolation, permabilization and immobilization of yeast cells for the production of lactulose.
  23. Studies in the Microbial production, molecular characterization and bioperservative potential of bacteriocin.