Research projects completed: 


Title of the Project

Cost (Rs. lakhs)

Duration Funding Agency
 1 Development of bench scale technology for the production of lactose free milk 6.00 2 years(2000-2002) MHRD, New Delhi
 2 Bio-sepration of microbial amylase: Process optimization and validation 6.00 2 years(2001-2003) MHRD, New Delhi
 3 Design and fabrication of Amla pricking machine for cottage scale industry 6.07 2 years(2004-06) ICAR, New Delhi
 4 Design and fabrication of gas fired continuous tandoori roti baking oven 10.48 2 years(2005-07) CSIR, New Delhi
 5 Lactulose production by permeabilizied yeast cells using Immobilized cell technology 18.12 3 years(2009-12) CSIR, New Delhi
 6 Value addition to rice bran by extrusion technology 17.90 2 years(2011-2013) AICTE, New Delhi
 7 Development of process for production, downstream processing and application of oligosaccharide producer Enzymes 70.67 3 years(2012-2015) DBT, New Delhi
 8 Development of immobilized cell technology for the production of L(+) lactic acid using waste potato starch 26.72 3 years(2012-2015) CSIR, New Delhi
 9 Infrastructure Development & Augmentation of Food Biotechnology Laboratory 20 2 years(2013-2014) AICTE, New Delhi