Dr Navdeep Jindal

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Dr Navdeep Jindal


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Food Engineering & Technology


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Educational Details

Educational Qualification

B.Tech.(Agril Engg)
M. Tech.(Sugar Engg)
Ph.D.(Food Engg & Tech)

Book Authored

Book authored

Food Grain Process Technology
C.S. Riar, S. Singh, N. Jindal and D.C. Saxena
Published by A.P.H. Publishing Corporation APH Pub. (2009-05)
ISBN 10: 8131305732 / ISBN 13: 9788131305737

Cereal Grains : Evaluation Value Addition and Quality Management
D.C. Saxena, C.S. Riar, Sukhcharn Singh and N. Jindal, New India Publishing Agency, 2013,
ISBN : 9789381450857

Professional Memebership

Professional Membership

AFST(I) Mysore
Punjab Academy of Sciences



N. Jindal and D. C. Saxena. First Prize in the Poster Session at the 3rd International Conference on Food Technology (INCOFTECH) held at IICPT, Thanjavur (India). January 4- 5, 2013.



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2. Gagan Deep Singh, Sukhcharn Siingh, Navdeep Jindal, Amrinder S. Bawa and Dharmesh C. Saxena (2010) Physico-chemical characteristics and sensory quality of Singhara (Trapa natans L.): An Indian water chestnut under commercial and industrial storage conditions. African Journal of Food Science, Vol. 4(11), pp. 693 – 702

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6. Tarsem Chand Mittal, Sajeev Rattan Sharma, Navdeep Jindal (2014) ’Effect of Pre-Cooling and Packaging Materials under Ambient Condition Storage on Postharvest Quality of White Button Mushroom. Indian Journal of Scientific Research and Technology, 2014 2(6):60-72.
7. S Sarkar and N Jindal (2015) Influence of Acid-Alcohol Modification on Physico-chemical, Pasting and Morphological Properties of Buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum) Starch. Trends in Carbohydrate Research 7 (2), 15-22
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Research Projects handled as PI
1. Development of Infrared Dryer for Cottage Scale Industries from Institute’s R & D
Research Projects handled as Co PI
1 Design and fabrication of Amla pricking machine for cottage scale industry from ICAR, New Delhi
2 Design and Fabrication of a gas fired continuous tandoori roti baking oven from CSIR, New Delhi
3 Development of Amla grader from Institute’s R & D